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Selling all classes of cattle on Tuesday.

Please take notice we have switched to our fall sale schedule

Weighup Cattle sell at 9:30am 

Fat Cattle at 10:45am

Feeder Cattle at 11:00am

Bred Cattle and Pairs sell at 1:00pm or as advertised


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 Jan. 11th, Yearling and Feeder Cattle Sale


 Jan. 18th, Yearling and Feeder Cattle Sale


HCM News:

Support the people that are investing in your future, someone must take on the challenges facing the beef industry. Please be supportive to them.  There are several cattlemen’s organizations that are working very hard to keep competitive markets for you and your family.  If you are not a member of one yet, I highly recommend you study them and join one that you feel comfortable with and help continue pursuing better markets for your family.  HCM is a member and sponsors yearly at the SD Stockgrowers Association and SD cattlemen’s Association. They both have an annual convention every year and I recommend you invest in your future and support them. There is consistent, steady, work effort to get the legislators attention and that is an important reason why we have some legislation finally being considered that will help protect producers. There have been several legislations procedures that may help you and your family, so I hope to see you at the next conventions supporting them.

USA Beef Act; aims to restore integrity to the “product of the USA” label. This act would prevent foreign beef from receiving the label which is currently allowed under USDA rules. Under this bill only beef that is born, raised, and slaughtered in the USA could receive a label proclaiming it is a product of the USA.  This bill has just been introduced and could really make a difference. Help yourself by getting involved and participating at the conventions. Your participation does help and is needed.

Current negotiated cash cattle trade is approximately 30 percent less than it being in 2005, while formula transactions have increased at the same rate. Many of the beef contracts now are 5 State averaging price formulas. Which means your price is determined by the price of the 5-state average for that week. That is why for several months from August to October you see Tyson pull out of the weekly open market trade. When they do that, the market drops and it prices their 5 state average contracts at a lower price. We saw an amazing amount of market drops in that fall quarter.  It could easily happen again this fall. I believe the USA beef Act would really help if it got in place. You can help by getting involved and contacting your legislators and joining the cattle organizations. Thanks, from all of us at HCM for your continued support and prayers. We would love to hear from you and see you at Huron Continental Market!




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